Nanocrystalline cores represent an innovative category of materials used in electrical transformers and devices. They are made from nanocrystalline ferromagnetic alloys that combine microscopic crystals with sizes in the range of a few nanometers with an amorphous structure. This combination provides exceptional magnetic properties crucial for efficient energy transfer. Nanocrystalline cores exhibit low hysteresis, meaning they minimize energy losses associated with periodic magnetic transitions, which is essential for maintaining the efficiency of transformers and electromagnetic devices.

Due to their nanocrystalline structure, these materials offer high magnetic permeability and low loss density, enabling effective energy transfer and minimizing thermal losses. Nanocrystalline cores are often employed in modern high-performance transformers and sensors, where reliability, high efficiency, and loss reduction are critical. This technology finds application, especially in high-power and compact design requirements, such as in high-voltage transmission networks, industrial equipment, and electric vehicles.

Name Description Inquiry
Nanocrystalline core for current transformer       Core performance characterictics:
High saturation magnetic sensitivity - strong anti-saturation High magnetic permeability
High precision, high linearity, applicable accuracy range: 0.5 - 0.05 class
Excellent high and low temperature characterisctic, working range: -55-130°C
Application areas:
Transformer Substastion measurement and over-current protection
Current transformer for electricity and power transmitter.