LH Electronics s.r.o. was established in 2017 and specializes in the supply of current transformers and newly supplies of certain types of toroidal cores. Our business has been based on years of experience in the field, also our partners belong among top producers in their line of bussiness, which guarantees the high quality of our products.

     According to management aspect of LH Electronics s.r.o. we have been using all advantages of private company which leads to achive maximum of flexibility and efficiency for good of ours customers.

Current transformers basic description:

      Operating principle of current transformers resembles operation of transformers. They are shaped as a ring on which secondary winding, to which control circuit is connected, is wound. A wire in which current is measured, is placed inside the ring. It forms one coil of primary winding. Depending on the number of coils in primary winding, the current transformer is equipped has an appropriate ratio, which determines the factor of reduction of the current flowing in the primary circuit.

Apart from a ratio, main parameters of current transformers are:

  • - temperature range,
  • - the diameter of the measuring hole (it determines maximum diameter of test leads),
  • - insulation test voltage (it determines dielectric strength),
  • - accuracy class (it indicates the accuracy of produced elements and impact of a current transformer structure on accuracy of measurement).


  • Current transformers has been used mostly like a part of charging circuit, industry applications or energy meters.